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Monday, 25 March 2013 10:24


WILLEMSTAD — A group of thirty volunteers held a clean-up action last weekend on the trail from Bapor Kibra to the saltpans of Jan Thiel. It was a spontaneous initiative of several joggers training in the area regularly and noticed the rubbish along the trail.During their weekly jogging morning, Marlow and Ronald de la Fuente were unpleasantly surprised to see that an enormous pile of rubbish had been dumped in the middle of one of the trails. “It looked like someone had dumped his/her entire household effects in the middle of a beautiful trail along the saltpans often used by locals and tourists. This is certainly not good promotion for the island. We see this happening at several places on the island and instead of simply ignoring it and complaining, we thought it was time to take action”, said the De la Fuentes.


 Together with Saskia Fung Loij, they decided to solve this and approach the social media to support their intention. Within one day there was a ‘buzz’ on Facebook: ‘keep the saltpans clean’ action.

“Within two days, people volunteered and the next day the group received donations and tools from Coca Cola Curaçao, Kusters Trading, Arkefly Curaçao, Kooyman, Chicas Photo Productions, Stichting Uniek Curaçao, Kokomo Beach, and of course, Selikor, companies wishing to support this initiative in their own way from a corporate responsibility perspective.”

Over thirty volunteers showed up at eight Sunday morning for the clean-up action.

“It took over three hours and quite a few trips with two pick-ups. Kokomo Beach treated the volunteers to a BBQ in the afternoon!”

“The message we wish to convey is actually simple: Take good care of your island. Get rid of rubbish properly. We have only one Dushi Korsou and can keep it clean together. We will continue with clean-up actions. Check any buzzes on Facebook and lend a helping hand; every little helps!”