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Sunday, 24 March 2013 11:24


WILLEMSTAD — The board of directors of Pension Fund Apna decided to refund pensioners the premium for the basic medical insurance for February. The amount will be on their current account Monday afternoon at the latest.However, this amount will be balanced with the premium for the former FZOG-insurance that was withheld in February and refunded this month. The pension fund namely deducted the premium for the basic medical insurance for February and March yesterday. As a result, former civil servants received a lower amount on their account than expected.


The basic medical insurance namely became effective on February 1st. And yet, the pension fund was unable to charge the 10 percent premium for pensioners for this month owing to the unexpected implementation of the law. Apna now offers pensioners the chance to pay the due premium in a period of five months. The first payment is to be made at the end of April, thus mitigating the burden for the pensioners.

According to chairman of civil servants pension association Upah, Cesar Riedel, the aforementioned is a classic example of how the government treats pensioners. “They don’t have consideration for us. It’s impossible to expect pensioners to survive if an authority withholds two months’ medical premiums at once. I don’t have a good word to say about this.”