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Sunday, 24 March 2013 11:26


WILLEMSTAD — Hardly two months after the firm statement ‘atrakadonan: fasten seatbelts’ and the announcement to tackle crime, the Minister of Justice, Nelson Navarro (Pais), expressed himself more moderately in the Parliamentary Debate on safety yesterday.By our reporter


Judith Ramautar


After being a minister for over two months now, it must be clear to Navarro that the portfolio of Justice involves many worries, not only because there’s no funds for many of the renewal plans that are still pending after several years; a mantra, which the minister often used yesterday, just like the policy ‘the more prevention, the less repression’. Together with the Ministries of Social Affairs and Education, he will have to work on that prevention.

Just like his predecessors, Navarro first began debating the fact that the current situation as regards crime is due to governments neglecting to take the necessary steps through the years. The plan for the Development Brigade was proposed in 1976 but eventually torpedoed because it was considered too militaristic for the Curaçao youth.

Thirty-five years later also the current minister concludes that the wrong decisions were made on closing many boarding schools where youngsters were taught order and discipline. “I’m ashamed to say that a new prison is necessary because I don’t want more youngsters behind bars.” However, on the other hand, this new building is necessary because the current complex no longer meets many requirements.

Navarro further mentioned that in the meantime Justice has reached the point where it can soon implement many of the seven sub courses, even though the means are scarce, to realize a cohesion within the judicial chain and tackle crime more effectively. It regards the course Tracking & Prosecution, Application & Supervision, Administrative Application, Communication and Prevention.


Chances of arrest

Tackling crime does indeed mean increasing the chances of arrest so that criminals will think twice before committing an offence. For that the police corps must be provided with the necessary material otherwise the latter will be outstripped by the same criminals who do have the latest vehicles and equipment. With that Navarro reverts to the financial aspect because currently the corps is constantly creative in finding the necessary funds for the repression.

The Safety Center on Bargestraat in Scharloo will open next month.  This collaboration focuses on pushing back trouble and crime. The chain partners include the police, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, After-care and Resettlement Organizations and Family Guardianship. The implementation of the sub courses and the Safety Center are to put and end to ad hoc solutions, otherwise we’ll be debating on safety every five months for years to come, said Navarro.