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Sunday, 24 March 2013 11:27


WILLEMSTAD — Amigu di Tera incites the people to report on those who had ‘cleared’ the conservation area at the San Pedro plain without permission.“As we don’t know who is responsible for this we are inciting people with more information to report to the Domain Board”, said Amigu di Tera.


Active member of Amigu di Tera and chairman of ecology organization Defensa Ambiental, Loyd Narrain, explained that the particular area belongs to the government and is a conservation area owing to the presence of a special bat population. “This population is of course dependent on the nectar of the plants present. When one simply clears the vegetation, the ecological balance is seriously disturbed and the population is threatened”, said Narrain. The ecology organizations also think the government should appoint a manager to patrol the area regularly, to prevent such destruction of the nature reserve in the future.