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Monday, 25 March 2013 09:51


KRALENDIJK — In the weekend of May 31 to June 3, 2013 the ninth Windsurf ProKids Event will be held at Sorobon Beach. These competitions of international allure are organized by Aquaspeed and Bonaire Windsurf Place. 


Especially the youngsters are given the chance to demonstrate their talents At the ProKids Bonaire. There will also be competitions of professional and older windsurfers.

Famous windsurfer Tati Frans has accepted the invitation to act as ‘role model’ for the event and share his experiences with the youngsters. Tati Frans, one of the worlds best windsurfers in regular competitions, slalom and Free-style, also participated with the Olympiad. He designed his own brand surf board.

This year competitions will be held in the evening for the first time for the professional surfers. These competitions will begin on May 31st, immediately after the official opening ceremony, with the Free-style competition with five of the 10 toppers from the surf world. In addition to the windsurf competitions there will be other beach activities for the public, such as Bolas, volleyball, soccer, checkers and chess. The Free-style, slalom and other races will begin the next day.

The closing of the event will also be spectacular with a huge concert by the famous Claudius Philips and his band Oreo from Aruba, and Jairo Evertsz, the Bonairean who won the Road Jam during the carnival on Aruba this year. ProKids started in 1996 with the aim to offer young windsurfers in particular the possibility to compete with their contemporaries. Free-style is ideal because youngsters needn’t invest in expensive sports necessities and are given the chance to demonstrate their talents. Each child is given equal chances to participate. Aquaspeed has been organizing competitions since 1987 and stimulates youngsters to join this sport. Many members of the organization used to be windsurfers themselves.