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Monday, 25 March 2013 10:24


WILLEMSTAD — Jonalyn Martha was crowned Reina Seú 2013 on Saturday. The next day, Margriet ‘Gichi’ Cashimiri, was crowned Wela Seú in the competitions for seniors. The winner proved she was eloquent. Her speech on proverbs and sayings was the best but she also turned out to be the most talented and photogenic candidate.This year Wela Seú was organized for the eighth time by Organisashon Grandinan di Steenrijk. Beatrix Cruz and Rachel Senior finished respectively first and second. Edna Pop won the encouragement prize and wela Amistat the friendship prize. Philomena Blanken was chosen as the most elegant candidate, while Marjorie Djaoen was chosen as the most disciplined candidate. The popular Sulema Hodge not only won the title wela Popular but was third finalist. The election took place in City 2 Go in Brievengat. The organization also asked parliamentarian Gerrit Schotte (MFK) to present a prize. During his regime as premier of Curaçao, Schotte had done a lot for the organization. He was on the podium because even now, while seated in the Parliament, he demonstrates his involvement.



Double queen

This year is apparently the year for Jonalyn Martha. She was also crowned Reina Karnaval Bándabou in January. The election Reina Seú was held Saturday at the Curaçao Museum. Other winners of Reina Seú were: Angelique Granville (2nd finalist) and Sudienne Rosa (1st finalist).