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Thursday, 4 April 2013 09:51


ORANJESTAD — The successful swimming delegation of Aruba returned from the Carifta swimming championship in Jamaica last night with numerous medals, individual trophies and the cup for finishing third in the international table.Aruba finished fourth last year, which was considered quite a performance compared with large swimming countries like Jamaica (the host country finished fourth this year), Trinidad & Tobago (second place this year), Bahamas, Barbados and Guadeloup0e (first place this year in the international table). According to the coaches, there was great admiration for a relatively small delegation of swimmers (25, compared to the 38 from Trinidad & Tobago) from a small island winning so many medals.


Aruba finished third with 659 points. Mikel Schreuders and Jordy Groters were the stars. Both received a trophy for the highest scores in the age category for boys (13-14 years for Mikel with 61 points, and 15-17 years for Jordy with 57 points). The two swimming stars also beat Carifta records on several swimming distances. Schreuders (14 years) won nine gold and two silver medals of which six gold with individual competitions. He won the medals on the 200, 400 meter freestyle; on the 50 (in a new Carifta record of 31:36 seconds); on the 100 (silver) and the 200 meter (also a new Carifta record of 2:31:29 minutes). The teenager also won gold on the 200 meter IM and set the new Carifta record at 2:13:56.

The relay team, consisting of Schreuders, Joseph Winterdal (alternated with Patrick Groters), Edward Mulders and Tyreke Wernet, also won gold medals in this age category. Jordy Groters was the star in the age category 15-17 years with four gold and one silver medal. Also Groters beat a Carifta record on the 50 meter crawl in the qualifying round, but was a fraction slower during the finals.

Daniel Jacobs (silver and bronze) and Brandon Cheong (bronze) also made an impression with the boys of the age category 11-12.



In the category 11-12 years for girls Florence Kock won two gold medals individually and two gold medals with the relay. The relay team, consisting of Keeley Maduro, Elisabeth Timmer, Anahi Schreuders and Kock, broke a Carifta record with their 4:18:39 minutes in the 400 meter freestyle. Also in the category 13-14 years the relay team, consisting of Ginayla Arends, Junice Martin, Lizanne Farro (alternated with Andrea van der Berg and Albury Higgs) and Rebecca Maduro, won medals.

The Ponsons were the stars with the category 15-17 years for girls. Ally Ponson won two gold medals and a silver medal with the individual competitions while Gaby Ponson finished only seconds after her each time. Also Danielle van den Berg won a silver and bronze medal and together with Ally Ponson, Cindy Maduro and Gaby Ponson, won a silver and bronze medal with the relay.