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Thursday, 4 April 2013 09:53


WILLEMSTAD — According to the VBC (Association Business Community Curaçao), many sections of the draft national regulation basic medical insurance (bvz) are vague or produce undesired effects, which means repair legislation is pressing. The VBC wrote this in a letter dated March 12th to Minister of Health, Environment and Nature (GMN), Ben Whiteman.In the letter the VBC lists areas for special attention. For instance, the association wonder if due care was exercised with the progress of the process regarding the law. “Shouldn’t the drastic government amendment number 6 be submitted first to the Advisory Council and/or the SER? Did the government observe the prevailing regulations of the municipal law and the constitution? Was the regulation established lawfully? As regards the concern about the position of the private insurers, the VBC states “contrary to what was agreed during the national dialogue sessions, preceding this law, private medical insurers are now confronted with a judicial construct of viable and non-viable branches. They are to disappear in the short/long term. The infringement of these companies’ right to exist conflicts with the government’s basic principle. The latter repeatedly stated companies must not suffer damage with the implementation and/or amendment of legislation. However, that’s exactly what the bvz does. Repair legislation is necessary so that private insurers can still offer medical insurances.”



Monopoly SVB

The VBC continues: “Not only does the SVB have the exclusive right to insure basic medical costs but is allowed to bring supplemental insurances on the market. Is there a question of a ‘level playing field’ with the private insurance companies that are excluded from offering the basic medical insurance?” “Why was the government convinced that the construction of appointing only one implementing organ, a monopoly, would solve the financial problems of, and would you believe, by an organization managing a medical expenses fund that only produced deficits for years? Is it wise that one organization is entrusted with policy, implementation and supervision?”



“Considering the wide definition of Circle of Insured it seems that Curaçao has introduced a free medical insurance for the region. Is this the intention? Shouldn’t we consider limiting the circle of insured in first instance to residents with the Dutch nationality in combination with introducing a compulsory insurance for residents with a different nationality?” “Is it normal in a democratic country where the citizens enjoy the freedom of choice that they are limited in their choice of consulting a family doctor, dentist and pharmacy?” The VBC also warns for additional burdens: “the introduction of the bvz will lead to additional (financial) burdens for the employees and employers and affect the competitiveness in the economy of Curaçao. Can we expect flanking measures to compensate the negative consequences, If so, which measures and when?” “Changing the levy principle on which the bvz premium is based will lead to a higher premium percentage and additional burdens.” “The current bvz-regulation will divide the society. Is this the intention? What’s wrong with a medical insurance with a basic package for all based on compulsory acceptation, insurance and payment of premium? This system – with one nominal premium – should then be implemented by several competitive organizations.”

The VBC concludes the introduction of the basic medical insurance hadn’t proceeded with due care and that there is considerable obscurity. “The communication to the citizens cannot be classified as transparent, objective, expertly, complete and to the point. The VBC argues for introducing repair legislation as soon as possible.” The minister hasn’t replied to the letter from the association yet.