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Thursday, 4 April 2013 09:55


WILLEMSTAD — Buck Groenhof, suspect in the fraud case in SNS real estate branch SNS Property Finance, received huge amounts the past years that were credited to his private bank accounts at Van Banschot Bankiers, the Telegraaf reported today.He also received payments on these accounts from his ‘circle of friends’, which he recruited at SNS. This appears from an internal integrity inquiry by SNS Reaal, which is part of the criminal dossier in the fraud case. According to this dossier, the Dutch tax tracking department FIOD is interested in a payment of 174.564 euros, which amount was credited to Groenhof’s bank account of his private corporation Consus. The payment was made by the Curaçao company ‘Buccaneer Bay’, housed with trust company United Trust. Two dossiers were requested of which one was confiscated for further investigation, owner-director of United Trust, Gregory Elias, replied when asked by the Amigoe. The suspect is not a client of United Trust, according to Elias. The reports of hearings reveal that Groenhof ‘denies he has an Antillean corporation, although the name of generous Buccaneer Bay possibly refers to his first name’, the Telegraaf reported, which has copies of these reports. Groenhof determined which amount his circle of friends had to pay him from their salary. They invoiced SNS a certain amount and had to transfer part of that amount to him. This is supposedly how his assistant and co-suspects, including a former regional manager of ABN Amro in the Caribbean area were paid.