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Friday, 5 April 2013 09:55


KRALENDIJK — The Public Body Bonaire is working on various policy plans to realize a healthy lifestyle for the citizens of the island. This is essential to prevent for example high blood pressure and other diseases.

Deputy Silvana Janga-Serfilia of Cohabitation and Care stated this in connection with the International Health Day this Sunday. Some projects are in preparation; others were implemented and are expanding. It regards long-term projects focusing on change of behavior. The foundation of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948 is celebrated on the International Health Day. The theme for this year is high blood pressure (hyper tension). The latter means a higher risk as regards vascular and heart diseases and kidney complaints. Worldwide 1 out of 3 adults have high blood pressure, but it can be prevented and treated for example with medicines.

In certain countries prevention campaigns, in combination with the right treatment, have led to fewer casualties owing to heart diseases. People can reduce the risk of high blood pressure by consuming salt sparsely, balanced nutrition, avoiding alcoholic drinks, regular exercise, and a healthy weight and by not smoking.


Heart attacks

WHO wants to push back the number of heart attacks and brain hemorrhages. This year the campaign focuses on making people aware of the consequences of high blood pressure by giving information on how to avoid the disease and the complications. People are encouraged to take their blood pressure regularly and act upon the advice of health specialists.



The current projects that will be expanded to all districts on Bonaire in the coming years are the ‘healthy school method’ and ‘sembra awe pa kosecha mañan’ (sow today and reap tomorrow). This project is meant to stimulate the cultivation of fruit and vegetables, essential components for healthy food, and to prevent obesity and chronic diseases such as high blood pressure. Other projects are ‘feria di salu’ and ‘Public awareness month’.