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Friday, 5 April 2013 09:57



THE HAGUE — In a reader’s opinion article in the Volkskrant Lower Chamber member Ronald van Raak (SP) repeated his wish to delete the guarantee function for Curaçao and St. Maarten from the Charter. The Kingdom, and with that the Dutch government, cannot guarantee good corporate government in both countries at all, according to the parliamentarian.Van Raak referred to the investigation into the bribery case on St. Maarten and wrote that Minister of Justice, Roland Duncan, issues permits to illegal prostitutes, carries a pistol in his sock and instructed independent parliamentarian Patrick Illidge to collect money at brothel keeper Jaap van den Heuvel. “They are probably paid by Francesco Corallo, who is associated with the Sicilian mafia and has a casino empire on St. Maarten to launder drug money”, Van Raak wrote.


The SP-member also mentioned Corallo as financer for the former premier of Curaçao, Gerrit Schotte, who plundered the treasury and gave third parties information on the intelligence service, while Minister of Finance, George Jamaloodin, carried weapons. Van Raak doesn’t have much faith in the current political developments on Curaçao now that the current transition cabinet of Premier Daniel Hodge has resigned and a new government is on its way. “Helmin Wiels, the leader of the largest party, once again demands billions of euros from the Netherlands”, Van Raak wrote.

On being asked he explained he referred to a statement from Wiels in the TV-program from Pauw and Witteman in March that Curaçao had a debt of 1.8 billion guilders after the dismantlement despite the debt reconstruction by the Netherlands. For that matter, in this interview Wiels said he doesn’t want money from the Netherlands. In a letter the PS-leader informed Van Raak that Curaçao wants to become independent in due course but that this will cost the Netherlands billions.

The SP-politician further pointed out the mistakes made by the Netherlands. Former minister Alexander Pechtold (D66) weakened the negotiating position of the Netherlands in 2005 by promising 1.5 million euros on debt reconstruction, thus avoiding an instruction from the Charter. Former minister Piet Hein Donner neglected to arrange a proper screening of ministers on Curaçao.

“The main victims are not the people in the Netherlands but those on the islands”, Van Raak wrote in his opinion article. “We are to pay for this misgovernment but they suffer the consequences. I therefore prefer not to bid the islands farewell, which by the way is not possible under international law. The Netherlands can most certainly help the people of Curaçao and St. Maarten – and of Aruba – but must then stop assuming responsibility for misgovernment.” Van Raak concluded his letter to the editor with an appeal to Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Ronald Plasterk, to amend the Charter. “With that the government attests its capability to learn from mistakes in the past.”