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Friday, 5 April 2013 09:58


WILLEMSTAD — Although Dutch graffiti king Rens Tol is confined to a wheelchair owing to multiple sclerosis, he continues his graffiti work in public places, even on Curaçao.Together with a group of graffiti artists the tag of Artic, or Rens Tol, was put on a wall at youngsters’ theater working place La Tentashon this morning. Although physically he is unable to paint himself, the graffiti king gave instructions whilst in his wheelchair. He does draw designs for other though via the computer, Daniël Claessens, a professional commercial graffiti artist explained that he does draw designs for others via the computer. In the eighties Tol was one of the originators of the graffiti-scene in Amsterdam. He is still very prominent in the graffiti-scene. Claessens: “What makes this project so special is that the top of the graffiti artists in the Netherlands join help with this project now and then.” Tol finances these projects himself with part of the proceeds for his paintings. He thinks up these works of art but has others paint them.



La Tentashon was very enthusiastic to learn that the team from the Netherlands had chosen to decorate their wall. As it happens the artists lounge, situated on the other side of the wall, will open officially at the end of this month. The artists lounge, named after the Dutch graffiti king (Artic Lounge), will have a wall of fame with portraits of artists visiting La Tentashon.