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Friday, 5 April 2013 09:58


WILLEMSTAD — VP Safety & Security (VP) closed its doors rather suddenly. According to insiders, owner and director Ruud van Eijzeren took his heels, supposedly leaving behind many debts on the island. Competitor InTouch has taken over the clientele. When asked, manager at VP, Ferdiènne Isenia, confirmed the rumors about the closing of the security company founded by Alexander van Pelt in the nineties and taken over by Ruud van Eijzeren four years ago. “Yes, that’s correct. He suddenly left last week, from Thursday to Friday.” Isenia works in the security sector for sixteen years and is now unemployed together with five VP-employees. “Not a nice thing to do of course, to take his heels and leave everything behind. He did leave an envelop with documents and passes from the company. He was also able to pay several suppliers after selling the clientele files.” Isenia cannot reach him. “He didn’t leave a telephone number.”


Director Van Eijzeren apparently left because of debts. Isenia mentioned a large project that VP concluded with Amicorp. “There were debts, also due to unfavorable agreements, which of course a small company cannot afford.” Manager Isenia doesn’t know the exact amount on debts.



Director of InTouch, Ping Ng, informed the Amigoe that it had indeed taken over the contracts from Van Eijzeren. “It regards approx. 100 to 150 customers. In any case we will make sure they are not inconvenienced by the situation. We will soon inform them on the state of affairs and whom they can contact if they have questions.”

InTouch was founded fifteen years ago and knows what’s what in the sector. Director Ng stated there is no immediate solution for the personnel of VP, but welcomes ideas to reach a solution. “They could apply for a job, but are expected to follow the procedure in our company and we’ll see what comes next.” According to the director of InTouch, one of the reasons why VP Safety & Security got into problems was the question of service.



Manager Isenia stated to use her experience in starting her own company. “I’ve been in this business for so long. The customers know me. I will start my own business. “She thinks the responses from customers are encouraging. “They say the director has bought the customer files but that doesn’t mean he can buy the customers. The latter don’t know InTouch, but they do know me.”