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Friday, 5 April 2013 10:00


WILLEMSTAD — As known, the Analytical Diagnostic Centrum (ADC) couldn’t agree with how the government (100-percent shareholder of ADC) let the SVB handle the implementation of the basic medical insurance. To convey its viewpoints ADC recently organized an information meeting for the parliamentarians of Curaçao.The ADC, which has several branches on the island, wanted to clarify the consequences of the current situation. For instance, the ADC was not involved with the decision process to allow SVB-insured to other laboratories – with fragmentation of personal files, delays in results and negative consequences for services offered by laboratories. “Opening the laboratory market will mean fewer customers and therefore fewer revenues for the ADC. If the sector is not regulated as regards fair competition it will have serious consequences for the ADC and the national health service”, the laboratory wrote in a press report.


The ADC therefore recently invited the parliamentarians of Curaçao for an extensive information session, where they would get a clear picture of the laboratory’s efforts and results.

Also the challenges faced by the ADC were mentioned, motivating why fair regulative scopes were necessary. The current procedure endangers the speed, reliability and options as regards laboratory tests, while the ADV has to perform all necessary test – including the complex and expensive ones – other laboratories only pick the best lucrative bits.



“A phenomenon arose immediately after the basic medical insurance was introduced. The fact is that of the seven laboratory disciplines on Curaçao six can be performed only by the ADC – for example with the thrombosis care. This means when patients visit another laboratory they have to visit the ADV for the remaining tests. In that case a blood sample will be taken twice”, said the ADC. “We have a government order to guarantee the national health. For this the most recognized and experienced laboratory in the country performs a wide variety of medical tests and inspects the food and water.”

It was made clear to the parliamentarians why the national laboratory believes the level of quality and innovation at the ADC is without parallel on Curaçao. “The ADC is the only laboratory with specialists that manage the medical departments. Furthermore, the ADC is the first medical institution for diagnostic analysis research at DNA level in the entire Caribbean region.”

This institution, located in the ADC building on Breedestraat, Otrobanda, complies with international rules and is currently in an accreditation process.