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Tuesday, 21 May 2013 09:11


KRALENDIJK — More than 100 productions have been placed on the website www.bonaire.tv. This is an important achievement because more and more historic and cultural programs and documentaries are accessible for the general public. Students can easily do their research on the history and culture of the island at home and other interested parties worldwide can enjoy the programs.The website was donated to the historic-cultural institute FuHiKuBo by Ryan Oduber, a well-known artist from Aruba. He placed the first productions on the site in September 2012. Last February Oduber instructed the employees of FuHiKoBo to upload productions themselves. Meanwhile, 79 series of the program ‘Herensia’ have been uploaded between February and April. The website of FuHiKuBo now has over 100 productions.




Slowly but surely it’s becoming clear that the interest for the website is growing. FuHiKuBo registers the number of visitors that consults the website. At this moment the recordings made as from 2003 under the name ‘Herensia’ are being placed. The older programs under the name ‘Herensia di Siglo 20’ recorded between 2000 and 2003 are now being digitalized in the Netherlands. These will also be placed on the website.

If someone, who was interviewed for the program in the past, passes away, that program will immediately be uploaded, as in the case of Miguel Pourier. That program draws many visitors.


Financial support

FuHiKuBo is seeking sponsors. The institute is currently defraying the costs together with Bonaire Communication Services. Apart from the costs for the space on the internet, there are costs for uploading programs, which takes a lot of time, almost a fulltime job. Three to four programs can be uploaded per day.

The institute therefore intends to approach several large companies or individuals with the request to support the website financially so that the work will not stagnate.