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Tuesday, 21 May 2013 09:11


WILLEMSTAD — The Ministry of Traffic, Transport and Regional Planning (VVRP) wants to take legal action against a developer in Boca Sami, who ‘appropriated many government properties illegally and constructed illegal buildings’, Minister of VVRP, Earl Balborda (PNP) stated on being asked.“This gentleman – I will not elaborate on the name just yet – has appropriated many properties and stated through his lawyer that the buildings were constructed based on statements of former deputy of Infrastructure, Mr. Anthony Godett (FOL). In the past Mr. Godett supposedly stated that if an illegal building reaches a certain height the government was to automatically legalize it. As this is not established in the law, one cannot refer to it. The ministry considers it illegal and therefore invalid,” said Minister Balborda.


As the Amigoe reported earlier, the minister stated to be informed of many illegal construction projects on the island and specifically in the small fishing village Boca Sami. There are strong indications that illegal construction projects were realized with foreknowledge. For instance, there’s the illegal construction of several houses nicely built in a row in Boca Sami, near the St. Michiels Bay Inn – the former Bulado Inn – a location where the government planned a road. The ministry announced earlier to appoint a management team of three that is to specifically deal with illegal construction.



“The ministry will pay extra attention to this in the course of this week but the aforementioned case is being looked into thoroughly. I can emphasize that an illegal building having reached a certain height will automatically be legalized, is considered illegal and therefore invalid. The aforementioned gentleman even disrespectfully suggested that if the government legalizes several of his buildings he would be prepared to return some property. As this is practically blackmail, which of course, is too ridiculous for words, legal action will be taken”, the minister said resolutely.