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Tuesday, 21 May 2013 09:12


WILLEMSTAD — The RST (Criminal Investigation Cooperative Team) heard about an article in morning paper Vigilante yesterday morning, which states that one of the causes for the murder of parliamentarian Helmin Wiels is due to a leak in the RST.In a press report, head of RST, Wim van Vemde, categorically denies any involvement of the team with the death of the parliamentarian.


He further regrets this insinuation and that it discredits the reputation of the RST and the integrity of its investigations.

According to Vigilante, Wiels and a senior official from the RST discussed corruption practices and frauds running into millions several times and that Wiels had only wanted to talk with this official, although a third person was informed of everything they discussed. The article further mentioned that these conversations were mysteriously leaked to those involved with these corruption practices, and supposedly led to the parliamentarian being shot dead on May 5th.

The article also stated that Wiels had made an appointment with three persons on the day he was murdered and that a fellow party member had invited him to come to the pier at Marie Pampoen but that it was cancelled later on. However, Wiels had gone to the pier where he was shot dead by a masked man.

The investigation into the murder is still in full swing. The police received several tips but are still seeking more information, said police spokesperson Reginald Huggins.

Police officers from the region are on the island to assist the local authorities with the investigation. The two passenger cars that were confiscated recently could’ve have been involved with the murder. One of the cars resembles that of the escape car and eyewitnesses spoke of a gold colored Kia. The police are releasing few details on the investigation of the cars to prevent the perpetrators from quoting any reports made in the media, said Huggins.