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Tuesday, 21 May 2013 09:14

WILLEMSTAD — No-one could fail to notice that the Red Cross Curaçao received an Appeltje van Oranje for the elderly project of the youth department.Queen Máxima presented the award to the delegation last Thursday. This delegation consisted of a group of the youth department that is busy with a study in the Netherlands. It was nice of Princess Beatrix to have a picture taken of her with the delegation from Curaçao. Later in the day the delegation from Curaçao was offered a lunch by the management of the Dutch Red Cross in The Hague in appreciation and of this memorable event.


Upon arrival at the airport of Curaçao the delegation was welcomed heartedly by motivated youth members. Chairman Angelo Ramirez elaborated on the trip and activities in the Netherlands during the press conference held on Sunday afternoon, which happened to be the open day of the Red Cross in Suffisant.

The Red Cross always organizes its fundraising activities in May. This year the Red Cross Curaçao is celebrating its 82nd anniversary and the International Red Cross its 150th anniversary.

At the initiative of Minister of Health, Ben Whiteman, the youth department started the Elderly Project in 2006 whereby members from the youth department visit the meanwhile single elderly once a week to play games, do odd jobs and even some shopping. They also exchange life experiences and newest devises. In their report the selection committee of the Appeltjes mentions that the project has the potential to expand and how the highly motivated youngsters participate.