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Wednesday, 22 May 2013 08:51


WILLEMSTAD — “We must keep the peace and quiet and take the time to choose a new leader”, said PS-parliamentarian Melvin Cijntje. According to Cijntje, who’s been a member of the PS from the very beginning, the party shouldn’t rush into appointing a new leader. Party-chairman Donald ‘Donny’ Balentina pointed out that the board is yet to decide on the leadership of the party.Cijntje was involved with the PS from the very beginning. He pointed out that the murdered party founder, Helmin Wiels, had taken two years after founding the party to participate with its first election. “We must follow his example: take our time to tread precisely, draw up a profile, set up an internal committee, call up and screen candidates, and eventually convene a congress to elect the new leader. This will take at least three months.”


The PS-parliamentarian emphasized he is not a candidate to become political leader of the party. “I don’t aspire to the position and for that reason have spoken out. I present this proposal because I’ve been a member of the party from the very beginning. Numerous stories are circulating lately on what’s to happen next. I think our party must keep the peace and quiet and certainly not rush matters.”

Party-chairman Balentina has meanwhile also heard about Cijntje’s statements. He emphasized that the board is yet to decide on this matter. “This is a matter for the board to decide on. I have nothing to add just yet. I’ve heard two names of possible candidates, but don’t know how many candidates there are because there’s no list of potential candidates yet.” The names circulating, and heard by Balentina, are those of parliamentarian/former chairman of the Parliament and currently interim-chairman of the PS in the Parliament, Ivar Asjes, and Aubert Wiels, the brother of the PS-leader who was murdered on May 5th. Balentina stated not to make any statements before having seen an official list of potential candidates. The official entry for the political leader of the party hasn’t been opened yet.