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Wednesday, 22 May 2013 08:52

WILLEMSTAD — Let’s  forget about it, said Minister of Social Development, Labor and Welfare (SOAW), Sherwin Josepha (PS), referring to the incident in the car park at the ministry last week Wednesday when the secretary general felt intimidated by two of the minister’s political assistants. The victims spoke of a downright lie.Last week Wednesday secretary general of SOAW, Oswald Dalnoot, by attacked verbally and physically by two of Minister Josepha’s assistants. His son hastens to the rescue and was forced him into a corner twice. In a press report Josepha the son of the secretary general had apologized. The son had also admitted at the police station to have been misinformed and would not interfere with matters relating to his father’s work in the future. However, the son disputes the minister’s statement. The son hadn’t apologized. A video of the incident was sent to the media later in the day.



Actual account

Several parliamentarians presented written questions on the incident of last Wednesday. Leader of parliamentary party Pais, Alex Rosaria, requested an actual account of the conflict reported in the media between the executives of the Ministry of SOAW and Josepha. Rosaria asked which steps the minister will take to solve the problem and suggested professional mediation. Rosaria also asked when the minister expects everything to be normalized again at SOAW.


Lack of integrity

According to PAR-parliamentarian Armin Konket, the incident is due to a lack of integrity of the ministers and the assistants appointed by the party. In a letter to Minister Etienne van der Horst (Pais), entrusted with civil servants’ affairs, Konket asked 24 questions about the incident. For instance, he wants to know if Van der Horst is familiar with the letter that the management team had sent to the Council of Ministers on April 17th, requesting the help of the Council of Ministers. Konket asked if Van der Horst thought is was ethic or integer that a minister, after having followed the correct procedure to employ people, to ignore the advices and appoint people for whom he had a preference. Konket asked about the division of roles of a secretary general and a political assistant. According to Konket, an assistant recommended by the party is unauthorized to give instructions to SOAW-employees. He regrets this apparently took place with the approval of the minister of SOAW. Konket further asked Van der Horst if he is informed of fraudulent practices within the Ministry of SOAW with the issuing of work permits.


Flanking policy

MFK-parliamentarian Jacinta Scoop-Constancia directed her questions Premier Daniel Hodge and Josepha and simultaneously asked about the flanking policy on the government having introduced drastic measures with a severe impact on the weak in the society and the civil servants. The parliamentarian wants to know if the AVBZ-fund will cover the compensation for dental costs and the costs of spectacles for pensioners and minimum-wage earners.